A New Creation For Women

Dorothy Bailon

Calvary Chapel Riding Ministry

Camping Ministry

Rocky West

Tony and Anita Williams

Celebration of Life
(food prep and family support)

Sandra Comparsi

Desert Hope: Coffee with Jesus in 29 Palms

Gena Pliss

Diabetic Support Group

Bob Wagner

Forever Free (Co Dependency)

Kelly Hart

Free From Bondage (Men's Addiction Ministry)

Jonathan Wuite

Future & A Hope (Malawi Missions)

Merrily Hagerman

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Charlotte Hughlett

Hosptial & CCC Chaplain (No One Dies Alone)

Sandra Comparsi

Hospital Chaplain Services

Jane Crawford

Jail Ministry & Visitation

Randy Shumate

Jesus Film Team Ministry

Chuck Springer

Ladies Alone/Sisters in Christ

DeAnn Kerns

Life At Home - Family Ministry

Megan Chandler

Men's Prostate Cancer Support

Sheldon Hough

Mountain Moving Prayer

Marne Kelly

People Helping People
(Meals & Support for the Ill & Hurt)

Diane Smith

Prayer Chain

Shirley Pantoja

Ushering Ministry

John Babrowski

Warriors On The Wall - Email Prayer Ministry